How to mine Guncoin with Asus GTX 1050 GPU

Asus GTX 1050

Asus GTX 1050 is a low budget Nvidia card that is very profitable when mining some coin with low difficulty, as for example Guncoin.

Wallet download

First thing you need to do is download the wallet for Guncoin that is located on the following link. After you download the file extract it to some folder and start the wallet. Leave it running in order to synchronize with the network.



In order to get the best results mining with this card you can download MSI Afterburner, install it and setup your Nvidia 1050 card with the following configuration:

  • Power limit 80
  • Temperature limit 69
  • Core clock +197
  • Memory clock + 488

Your configuration should look something like this:

Asus GTX 1050 MSI Afterburner settings for Guncoin

After you setup GPU settings close MSI Afterburner just be sure that your settings will be applied on startup by enabling the startup button.


Mining software

Next thing you will need is a mining software.  You can download x86 version of Ccminer Cuda9 on the following link: Ccminer Cuda. Be sure to download the newest x86 version for Cuda9 because at the time of writing this article x86 version gives about 15-20% higher hash rate.

Extract the file to some folder and edit the ccminer.conf file to setup your data.

This is everything you need to have in your config file:

“algo” : “neoscrypt”,
“url” : “stratum+tcp://”,
“user” : “WALLET_ADDRESS”,
“pass” : “stats, c=GUN”,
“intensity” : “24”

In the place of WALLET_ADDRESS input your Guncoin wallet address. It can be found in the wallet under the tab addresses. Select it, click copy and paste it into the file replacing the text  WALLET_ADDRESS. Save the .conf file and start ccminer.



You should be getting about 297kH/s with these settings:

Asus GTX 1050 Ccminer Cuda9 x86 performance while mining Guncoin on Mining Good Pool

If you want to see your performance on the server head over to US Mining Good Pool and click Wallet on the navigation bar. Paste your wallet address there and hit search in order to get stats about your mining performance. The power consumption of this GPU while mining Guncoin is about 39W measured on the wall.

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